JavaScript Promises

According to , A Promise is an object represents the eventual completion (or failure) of an asynchronous operation and its resulting value. Think of it like a normal promise you give to someone. You may be working on something and a friend is interested in the outcome. I expect the conversation goes something like Paul : Hey John, could […]

Intro to Pull Requests and OSS Contribution part 2

Hey coder! This is part 2 and final part of introduction to OSS(Open source Software) contribution. I had intended it to be one article but it became too long so i had to break it into 2 parts. By the end of this you should be able to understand the basics of open source workflow We’ll continue to use our […]

Intro to Pull Requests and OSS Contribution part 1

Git is a powerful tool. For those not familiar with what it is, don’t worry. Its a version control tool. What do i mean by version control? Sounds complicated doesn’t it? It is and it is not. Its a way of keeping track of changes you do to a file. A version tool helps you record changes you made to […]

MySQL Stored Procedure

Stored procedures are not very commonly used. I worked for a while before i had to write my first stored procedure. They weren’t exactly hard but they weren’t easy too. So what are stored procedures? The technical definition is A procedure (often called a stored procedure) is a subroutine like a subprogram in a regular computing language, stored in database. […]

Hello World!

Hello there muggle! I know you are wondering why you are here. I also don’t have the slightest clue. Maybe in all this confusion we’ll figure something out. Anyway, i have been trying to start blogging or the longest time but its been tough. Don’t worry though, we can’t stay lost forever : ). Anyway i’ll try to post all […]